Meet Susan

Susan Brown has surprised even herself in her evolution from a confirmed city girl to an award-winning real estate salesperson in a rural community north of Toronto. After 23 years of working in country real estate, she has combined sophisticated leading edge technology and innovative marketing with country-style personal caring and support to build her real estate business.

Susan first discovered the area around Orangeville, including Dufferin County, Caledon and Adjala/Tosorontio, when she and her husband, used to escape from the city for weekend drives and picnics. With growing fondness for the area, she responded to a two-line advertisement one day in 1978 and found herself the owner of a vacant lot.

After commuting to the city for a few years, Susan opened a business in Mulmur with a friend, designing, manufacturing and selling a line of knitted clothing. With the economic collapse of 1989, Susan, acting on her entrepreneurial spirit, decided to go into real estate. It was 1990, a time when many real estate salespeople were fleeing the business. House prices had plummeted and businesses were closing. “It was a wonderful time to get into the business,” Susan says, without a trace of irony. “Having worked for myself for so long, I realized that nothing comes easily. Susan credits her early days in real estate with helping her hone the skills that have made her successful and allowed Susan to handle all kinds of crises with a calm, professional approach.

Susan handles country, including town properties, in all price ranges from $100,000 to almost $3 million plus. She primarily works in the townships of Mulmur and Mono, a magnificent swath of country filled with rolling hills and spectacular views. She also has had many listings throughout the rest of Dufferin County, Orangeville, Shelburne, Caledon and Adjala/Tosorontio. The area covers almost a thousand square miles and it can take three hours to show just a few properties to one buyer.

The real estate industry is always changing and successful real estate salespeople stay current by taking advantage of educational opportunities. Susan is motivated by the challenge of keeping up to date on new developments. “Real estate offers the most challenging and wide ranging learning curve,” she says. “It combines sales with marketing, servicing with a comprehensive knowledge of country properties, and even legal issues. I have never been bored and I love taking courses to further my knowledge.”

Whether her client is familiar with country living, or moving within the area, Susan and her team pride themselves on their professional approach and quick response to client requests. She works with each client at a pace of their choosing and emphasizes the need for trust to build between herself and her clients. “Our business depends on our whole team being trustworthy,” Susan says. “This is still a rural community and word of mouth travels fast. A lot of history gets sold here. The seller often wants to know that the next person will continue the legacy. I enjoy the feeling that people trust me to understand the motivations on both sides of the transaction and bring it to a successful conclusion.”

With a flourishing business continuing to grow and a focused team in place, Susan finds being part of the personal process of change in people’s lives rewarding. “Many of our clients experience a whole new way of life moving to the country,” she says. “It’s a privilege to serve them; the rewards of their success become my success in turn.”

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