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Top 10 Home Buying and Selling Mistakes

All too often, Susan sees  home buyers and sellers making the same set of mistakes. So, RECO put  together a list of the top 10 home buying and selling pitfalls and how they can be avoided. RECO Spring 2014 Newsletter The Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) is a not-for-profit corporation responsible for administering the Real Estate [Read More]

3 Different Forms of Agency Relationship

Realtors work under a strict Code of Ethics.  One provision of that code requires Realtors to seek written acknowledgement, both from home buyers and home sellers, that they understand the agency relationship. An agency relationship is created where one person, known as the principal, asks another person, known as the agent, to act for and [Read More]

A Short Glossary of Key Real Estate Terms

Whether you’re buying or selling, there’s a great deal of terminology unique to real estate.  Here are some of the most common terms you will come across in the buying and selling of homes.  Take a look through and familiarize yourself with the ones you don’t know so that you’ll know where to look if [Read More]

8 Costly Mistakes Made By Home Buyers

Buying a home should be a rewarding experience, but every move presents a new challenge and a new set of options. Here are the 8 costly mistakes most frequently made by home buyers: Failing to use the services of an experienced Realtor. Many times buyers avoid using the services of a Realtor under the mistaken belief [Read More]

15 Key Considerations To Ask When Buying a Home

Here are 15 of the key considerations to help you and your agent purchase your next home. There are many more. Take a moment to read through these so that when they come up in the course of your search you will have a checklist of questions to ask: What is the neighbourhood like?  Are [Read More]

7 Expectations When You Buy With Susan Brown

My job is to help you reach your goals and satisfy your needs. My task is to smooth the way for you to make your home purchase as effortless as possible. Here are the steps I take with you to purchase your new home: Listen to your needs. One of the most important things I [Read More]

How Much Should You Set Aside For Closing?

A safe approach to closing costs would be to set aside 2-3% of your purchase price. Closing costs can vary according to the circumstances of each individual sale. They include land transfer tax, legal fees and disbursements, GST on all services, mortgage application and appraisal fees, closing and adjustments, fire insurance and CMHC (Canada Mortgage [Read More]