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3 Different Forms of Agency Relationship

Realtors work under a strict Code of Ethics.  One provision of that code requires Realtors to seek written acknowledgement, both from home buyers and home sellers, that they understand the agency relationship. An agency relationship is created where one person, known as the principal, asks another person, known as the agent, to act for and [Read More]

A Short Glossary of Key Real Estate Terms

Whether you’re buying or selling, there’s a great deal of terminology unique to real estate.  Here are some of the most common terms you will come across in the buying and selling of homes.  Take a look through and familiarize yourself with the ones you don’t know so that you’ll know where to look if [Read More]

What Your Agent Should be Doing for You

Susan Brown has had 23 successful years of real estate experience full time in the Orangeville, Dufferin County and Caledon area.  She is thoroughly familiar with the community, keeps up with the latest market trends and knows how the prices vary from neighbourhood to neighbourhood. Susan Brown knows the ins and outs of the selling [Read More]