Home Buying Guide

One of the most important decisions one can make in buying country real estate, is who will represent them in the transaction.  A knowledgeable and trustworthy agent is fundamental to any successful real estate buy.   Purchasing country properties is far more complex than buying a town property as there are many more issues to consider.  The zoning and uses determine what you are permitted to do on rural lands.  Conservation authorities have greater control over certain areas.  Septic and wells are the norm and need to be tested to make sure they are in good working order.  Neighbouring properties and their uses can impact the value of the one being considered.  Financing homes with acreage and outbuildings is not the same as town properties. It is important therefore to make sure the agent representing your purchase is knowledgeable in all areas of country living and what are the current issues (gravel pits, wind farms, subdivision/industrial development) impacting it.  Being aware of the town’s official plans, demographics and surrounding services, schools and in general what country life is all about is key.  I have lived full time in the area I serve for 34 years and have sold real estate for 23 of those years.  My primary concern for all my buyers is to make sure we have investigated all concerns prior to procuring a property on their behalf.