The Town of Shelburne is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Southern Ontario growing at over twice the rate of the rest of Ontario. The explosion in residential development in Shelburne will add another 1500 residents to the almost 6000 currently residing in Shelburne by early 2014. This rapid growth has presented many opportunities for new businesses to serve these new residents, but there is lots of room for more. Shelburne is the urban hub for residents in the northern part of Dufferin County as well increasing the market to over 10,000 residents that frequent Shelburne for their weekly shopping and dining.

In the early 1860s, the founder of the town Shelburne, William Jelly, found his way through the bushes to choice lots in Melancthon and built several cabins in the area. As Melancthon began developing in the late 1840s, the construction of the Toronto-Sydenham Road (now Highway 10) began and led to settlers moving into the Shelburne area in the 1860s. In 1865, William Jelly established the British Canadian Hotel. A post office was built shortly after, named after the Earl of Shelburne. Rapid economic growth followed and the population increased from 70 villagers in 1869 to 750 villagers in 1877, due to the new railways that were built. Shelburne was incorporated as a town in 1977.

Major local employers have included automotive part manufacturers Johnson Controls (until 2009) and KTH Manufacturing. A recently zoned industrial area has been established in the south end of town. Roads have been constructed to provide access to potential industries. The objective of this industrial area is to encourage industrial growth within the town. Shelburne is also home to a small retail sector and many residents commute to Orangeville, Brampton and other centres in the Greater Toronto Area.

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