The Area Guide

5 Best Reasons to Live In Dufferin County


Having moved from the city of Toronto to Dufferin County, I couldn’t imagine life anywhere else. Being close to nature slows down my heart rate whenever I walk outside and breathe in its immense beauty.

1. It’s not the city!

Getting away from the densely populated greater Toronto area with space to breathe in all directions and no traffic, noise, fighting for parking is the first thing you notice when moving to this area.  So much green space all around us and tremendous beauty of landscapes in every direction.

2. The incredible peace and quiet of country living.

The nights are dark with no light pollution and the quiet is the sweetest of sounds to the human ear.

3. Wildlife at your doorstep.

Living in the midst of nature with trees, wildlife at your doorstep. Owning a piece of Dufferin country is owning your own slice of personal park with trees as neighbours.

4. A simpler lifestyle for raising a family.

with less distraction in all directions. A safer community with less crime.

5. A fabulous place to live and work.

A vibrant community with young families, retirees, thriving small businesses and a very strong artistic (including theatre, music) centre for all to enjoy both on the giving and receiving ends.

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